Love it or hate it businesses of any size can not afford to ignore SocialMedia. Over two thirds of consumer buying decisions are influenced by social media. And that’s growing stronger every day. If your business isn’t on social media you’re definitely losing out. 

In Q4 2018, Facebook reached 2.7 BILLION monthly users across FB, Instagram alone! Instagram stories reached 500 million daily active users, up from 400 million in June 2018 - Social Media Examiner. And this isn’t taking into account any of the other major social media channels!

Social media is a key strategy in growing traffic to any new or existing website. Even though at times you may feel like it’s a huge time suck it isn’t! 80% of my traffic comes from social media and especially for new websites that haven’t ranked organically yet it’s a crucial strategy. 

Why is social media crucial for new bloggers? Because organic traffic takes time to build up. Unless you’re willing to pay for traffic directly from Google in the form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or Facebook ads, social media offers you immediate exposure.

As a consumer yourself, you see how much attention businesses devote to social media, and as a business owner or blogger, you’re constantly hearing about how vital it is for a successful marketing strategy.

You may still be in denial and talked yourself into that your business is doing just fine without social. If that’s the case, you need to come face to face with the fact that you’re missing out on the many benefits and money making opportunities that social media can bring to your business. 

The question is: Will you keep choosing to leave all this money on the table?

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